What is CrossFit?

Is it for me?

How do I start?

You are interested in CrossFit but are worried and unsure about how to start? Let us tell you that – we’ve all been there.

First of all, according to the official CrossFit website, this programme is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. Which leads to our first bullet point:

1. CrossFit is for all levels of experience.

Through the change of weights and intensity, each daily programme is scalable based on your skills. If your workout requires squats with a bar, you can choose a bar that fits your current level. As you do those movements more often, your strength and ability to do those movements will definitely grow. Start with low intensity to focus on quality rather than quantity and upgrade when you feel more comfortable doing so – leading to the second point:

2. Quality before Quantity.

Our qualified coaches will help you get the right quality during all movements. Don’t push too hard, prevent injuries and talk to the coaches in case you experience any pain or are unsure about movements – or any other questions. To learn the movements, you are required to participate in our on-ramp course – leading to the third point:

3. Start with On-Ramp.

Our on-ramp course gives you an introduction to most movements required during CrossFit sessions. It is a fun, introductory, yet challenging course with 12 sessions. We offer a new on-ramp course every 4 weeks, if you miss a session, you can always get the same session 4 weeks later. Again, talk to us and we are more than happy to help you!

Now, we know, it’s important to have quality, experience doesn’t matter and you will have to start with an on-ramp course. What to do when you signed up for an on-ramp course?

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